LibreWolf context menus stack on each right click, lag

Running LibreWolf v87.0 from chaoticAUR on Garuda Linux "Hawk Eagle".

I've been unable to grab a screenshot, but when I right click in browser, I have context menus that come up from ublock, noscript, and keepassxc. Each time I right click, these menus stack, creating a longer and longer list. LibreWolf starts to lag until I close the application and restart again.

I've tried reinstalling, but the problem persists, as do my settings changes, bookmarks, etc. so I don't think I'm getting a clean install. I'm not really sure where to go from here. I can't find anyone else having similar issues on the internet. If anyone has any suggestions, I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading.

Open issue in


Done. Thank you!


Okay, so after doing a little more tinkering, I tried installing LibreWolf through Pamac instead of in terminal using paru. I specifically chose the librewolf-bin build in AUR instead of chaoticAUR and it seems to work fine. Could it be an issue with the chaotic build, or maybe just better handling in pamac? Either way it seems to work without issue now, so I guess we can mark this issue as closed.

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Interesting, does the -bin version have an appmenu at the top bar?

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