Libreoffice issue with dark theme on KDE Dr460nized

I really like the dark theme in Dr460nized, but I have one program I use a lot that is problematic. Most of the Libreoffice buttons and drag bar in documents is invisible with the theme. Is there a way to turn off the dark theme just for one application? Or, alternately, can I adjust the darkness for just one app to still be dark, but pick areas to lighten up?

Here's a pic:

prefences>veiw>change icons to Breeze dark.

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Thank you! That worked perfectly, although the actual location was slightly different for me:

In Libreoffice --> tools menu --> options --> Libreoffice --> View --> Icon Style --> Breeze (dark).

Here's what the buttons looked like after:


Your welcome.

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Hello... I see this is an old post, and I have faced the problem exactly as above. And it seems the solution steps isn't working anymore...

Open new topic.

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