Libmtp error when copy large file from android phone

When I try to copy the Linux installation file by connecting the USB cable to the smartphone, a libmtp error occurs.
File cannot be copied. I was able to directly open the file on the mounted smartphone using a compression program(xarchiver) and save the file to my computer by selecting Save As from the program menu. I was able to save the file this way, but it took a very long time to copy the file (2.5 giga files over 10 minutes).

The reason why this happened in the first place was because tethering, which I had been using well while overwriting the files below, didn't work anymore, so I downloaded the Linux installation file again on my phone.

ipw2100-fw 1.3-10
ipw2200-fw 3.1-8

I'm sharing this in case you're experiencing the same thing as me.
have a good day.

PS: using garuda-xfce-linux-lts-220909.iso

Wow, that is a very uncommon way to download a 2.5GB ISO file. Don't forget to verify that checksum! :face_with_monocle:

It sounds like it is a little late now, but still: if this firmware installation broke your network card, far easier than reinstalling (especially considering your somewhat unusual download method) would have been to revert this change by uninstalling the firmware or restoring a snapshot.

In any case, I'm glad you stuck with it and came up with a solution. Welcome to the community @frozencrew. :slightly_smiling_face:


please, let see your garuda-inxi first

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