Libdovi "problem"

just a heads up
e[1;34m::e[0;1m There are 2 providers available for
e[0me[1;34m::e[0;1m Repository e[1;35mextra
e[0me[0;1m e[0m 1) libdovi
e[1;34m::e[0;1m Repository e[1;35mchaotic-aur
e[0me[0;1m e[0m 2) libdovi

selecting option 2(chaotic-aur) sets it up to get another update for libdovi after the update completes


I think this happens simply because libdovi in the AUR is 3.2.0-1 and in the extra repo 3.2.0-2, so the former gets updated.
Why the AUR version exists at all, considering it is in the repo, is unknown to me.
Well, the reason is the latter got updated today but not the former

Edit: the package was included in the Arch extra repo only today, of course with an increased pkgrel, so this explains everything.


I think it just got added today. I am on a system that hasn’t been updated today and it doesn’t show in the repo.

paru libdovi
1 chaotic-aur/libdovi 3.2.0-1 [234.96KiB 532.70KiB]
    Library to read and write Dolby Vision metadata (C-API)
2 aur/libdovi 3.2.0-1 [+0 ~0.00]
    Library to read and write Dolby Vision metadata (C-API)
3 aur/lib32-libdovi 3.2.0-1 [+0 ~0.00]
    Library to read and write Dolby Vision metadata C-API (32-bit)
4 aur/libdovi-git 3.1.1.r2.g346437f-1 [+0 ~0.00]
    Library to read and write Dolby Vision metadata (C-API) - git version
:: Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3):

Probably we should take it out of the Chaotic repo, now that it is in Extra.


Yes, I think so.

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right after i update and had my system get the packages from chaotic lmfao ^.^

doing so left me with a partial upgrade for 2 minutes as i had to run garuda-update again immediately afterwards, so a fix would be good.

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Yes, we already took notice of that and will be removing it soon.

Edit: it got removed already :smiley:


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