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i was playing around with chat cpt and realize it might be good with linux too, i discovered this cool effect in workspace behaviours that makes a fire effect when i close and open a window


It’s nice to use chatgpt but be careful with it’s commands. LLMs tend to hallucinate. That is, they will push an answer on you convinced that they are right even if they are wrong. So I wouldn’t suggest copying any commands from them without doing a proper research on what the command does.

Linux in it’s nature allows a lot of freedom so running commands that you are unaware of can potentially brick your system too. Just be careful with the tech. :+1:


“UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because that would also stop you from doing clever things.” – Doug Gwyn

Ditto what @NaN says about ChatGPT in whatever form. It is kinda fun to play with, though. :wink:


its helping make it more visually appealing anyways. chat cpt is surprisingly accurate i fact check it out to just in case

The chat bots like ChatGPT or its open-source equivalent HuggingChat are pretty good for certain things like easy code fixes or system administration questions. Sometimes it can be faster to use a chat bot than find the answer in a man page or picking through forum posts with a web search. It is definitely wrong a lot, but so are the answers in forum posts or especially Reddit.

Heck, even man pages are wrong sometimes. Check this out:

❯ man gpg | grep "symmetric cipher"
       -c     Encrypt  with  a symmetric cipher using a passphrase. The default symmetric cipher used is AES-128

Umm, no it’s not. :eyes:

@NaN is totally right though, sometimes they will straight up invent insane things that do not exist. I’ll ask it something like “how can I make my Waybar blue” and it will tell me something crazy like “just set the WAYBAR_COLOR=blue environment variable in ~/.profile.” :melting_face:

I also really dislike how if you question it in the slightest, it will immediately fold. Even if it is right!

“Hey ChatGPT, what’s 2+2?”


“Oh really, it’s not 5?”

“You are absolutely right, I am so sorry and thank you so much for pointing out my error. 2+2=5.”



i still got more to learn the experience is definitely enjoyable though

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