Latte dock: Pinning an icon for an app that opens in Konsole

I have Vim installed, and upon opening, it runs in Konsole. This is preferable, though I'd like to also pin the Vim icon directly to my dock so that I can get to Vim quickly without a desktop shortcut or a launcher search.

I can't pin it after opening it as it runs in Konsole, which is already pinned, and right clicking on Vim from the launcher only allows me to add it to my favorites.

Are there any quick solutions/workarounds for this? All tips/pointers are appreciated.

Edit: This is for the Latte dock.

Edit 2: For now, I'm resorting to just opening Konsole and entering the vim command. This is simple enough, though I prefer nice icons instead of commands for certain things. :crazy_face:

Sorry for posting in the wrong section, and thank you for moving my topic. :smile:

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Vim automatically creates its own shortcut when you install it. Just search for it in your launcher and drag it over to the dock.

In my example here I do not have Dr460nized or Latte Dock, but the same simple idea should work in your case as well.


just install gvim :smiley:

Looks like we better do training in YT on how to search properly.


Wow. It never hit me that it would be this simple, so I just never tried it. I feel exceptionally dull now haha. This works well with Latte dock as well. Thank you.

Edit: There seems to be some bug with dragging the icon after adding it this way. It results in a large blank space where I attempt to drag the icon. Restarting Latte dock fixes it though.

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