Latte Dock Must Come Back!

Hello Garuda users.

~ i don't understand why people would ( boycott ) "LATTE DOCK" when it's what led me to get garuda among many others!!!! i for one think it shouldn't of been taken away it was the only thing making garuda an amazing OS now i gotta download it every time an update is in... this is dumb as all hell BRING BACK "LATTE DOCK" I HATE PLASMA DOCK!!! boarding as hell and none of the themes correspond with it, garuda dragon gaming was upmost there best OS they should of stopped at perfection.... but nope had to let others cloud there rightful judgement and go and just ***k it up..... be mindful and bring back what made garuda awesome!!!

No one is stopping you from using latte-dock. Use pacman download it and change plasma dock with latte-dock and do whatever you want with it. Though be warned that the project has been abandoned by it’s original creator although the community has tried to keep up the slack the work is just not as good as it used to be.

This is not windows this is linux, it’s open and free to play with and use as you see fit.


Yeah, just maintain latte dock and it might come back. It shouldn't be too hard to learn.