Latte Dock Maintainer Bids A Farewell

Will KDE take this over or will this be the end of our super dock? Stay tuned to find out, same bat channel, same bat time.


That's really bad news.

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@Austin, it ain't the death of Christ. It's an opportunity for other users--perhaps you?--to adopt, add-to, modify, publish, fold, spindle and manipulate. That's how thinks tend to work in Linux, and--sometimes--the replacements are better than the originals. And sometimes they take a while to mature, too.

Everything is as it should be. Relax. :smiley:


It's the end of the world let's riot :joy:


That's sad to hear but I hope whatever comes next sees all the hard work latte dock has done and builds on it!

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Latte dock has been a part of the KDE project for some time. My gut feeling is a KDE dev will pick up maintaining Latte. How long that will take is anyone's guess. :man_shrugging:


I hope so. It is one the best docks out there and why many use KDE (according to some on social media.) :prayer_beads:

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IMO we will have Latte functionality in Plasma 6 so we won't need a seperate application for a dock.


Will this cause any hindrance in future versions of Garuda Dragonized if not maintained as like currently we have like the latte top panel turning black from transparent (occurs sometimes) which can be fixed via resetting the latte dock settings under Garuda Settings

At this moment, it is kind of a wait and see re the whole Latte project. The Garuda developers are on it and use it in their KDE builds, so I am sure they will watch it closely and react accordingly, but I can't speak on their behalf. Lets wait and see if someone answers.

Fyi, I don't use Latte as a top panel, can't help you there.


I doubt so. The "coolness" of Dragonized partly relies on Latte Dock.
Also switching between transparent and opaque is seanless for me on Wayland. On X11 it was a bit random.


So, I may be totally wrong here, but I just saw an update of Latte Dock come across my updates. I went to the original github page, only to see that the repo was forked. From all appearances it looks like its currently being maintained by the KDE team.

Have a look. GitHub - KDE/latte-dock: Replacement dock for Plasma desktops, providing an elegant and intuitive experience for your tasks and plasmoids


Latte dock is since a while part of the KDE infrastructure, and this is why we need to trust and believe in the fruitful continuation of the project.
For sure it lost its original and most important maintainer, but it's part of KDE in the end!
See announcement in the old GitHub.


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So latte is being dropped by its dev. do you think someone will pick it up or fork it?

What anyone believes is of little use.

Wait and see and drink tea. :smiley:


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As I've recently discovered, latte-dock creator announced that the project is going down (at least, he's done with it).

From my part, I can say two things. At first, switching from traditional panel-oriented desktops to dock-based one was a clumsy but nice experience, and when I got used to it, it was indeed pleasant and fun journey. However, time goes forward, and I'm growing more and more weary of the latte based desktop in Garuda KDE-dragonized edition.

While in the past everything worked smoothly, now the desktop with latte looks buggy and incompatible with the core KDE. If I understood correctly, this was the point of the latte author to quit the project -- constant struggle to keep compatibility.

So, what is the future of KDE-dragonized edition? Will it migrate to some other dock (DistroTube recently made a video about some nice one)? Any insights to Garuda dev's views?

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