Latte Dock High Memory Usage

I got a problem where I first thought my Google Chrome was hanging on me.
But it looks like latte-dock has a memory leak.

It's just increasing in memory to a point where I have to reboot.
I have 16 GB of RAM and after reading:


"Just buy more RAM" should not apply to me in this case.

I've got 3 Latte-Docks.
Dual Monitor Bottom Screen und 1x Main monitor Top dock default.

There is also this reddit post which supports my case.

I did modify the dock a little to fit my needs.
Here is a screenshot of my bottom dock.

I will try the solution which got mentioned on reddit and report back if it helped.

ps: While writing this topic the ram usage increased again to 440.000 K :man_shrugging:

Layout Garuda is broken! Please remove it to improve stability...


Could someone export their non broken Garuda layout and upload it here so I can try to apply it?

Restarting latte-dock now it's at 160.000 K

Is your system fully up to date? as that error message should not appear in new versions as a bug fix has been applied.

Perhaps try this solution:

Memory leaks in plasmoids are common. Uninstall any plasma widgets you are using one at a time to try and eliminate that as a possibility.

That error message is actually of little importance and not a great concern (it should be removed in new versions).

Just read the reddit post you linked. It basically says the same thing I already stated. Eliminate your plasmoids one by one to eliminate that as a cause. Have you done that yet?

Also, the reddit thread did not resolve the question of if there actually was a latte memory leak, but as the thread was 2 years old it's not exactly relevant in today's conversation because of its age anyways.


Fixed in current version of latte config :grin:


Seems like the latest update fixed it all.

Huge thanks to the @staff (did not want a real metion) and everyone involved.



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