Latte dock doesn't work after system update and kwin x11 crashes

latte doesn't work after system update and kwin x11 crashes how do i fix it?

You have three options

1.restore the snapshot
2.create new user
3.remove the ~/.config directory

Some configs have been corrupted


Also, if you are using Event Calendar widget, this stopped working with the new kwin/QT recent updates and causes Latte and plasma desktop to crash. So, if you are using it, remove it from the taskbar, and uninstall it.

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There is no taskbar :wink:

work but not so nice like before.

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You can manually uninstall it via .local/share/plasma/plasmoids/ search for event calendar and delete it, then reboot.

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Above I was kidding -> :wink:
but the reddit thread point to that path too and I have no /plasma folder there only plasma_notes.
I remove also eventcalendar but that doesn't help too.

So I use my i3wm and be fine :slight_smile:

CU :slight_smile:

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Had the same problem. Also if the user has no administraion rights, than everything is working.
You can try to login with guest account. There should no chrashes.

Before updating i changed the latte theme from garude to another one. Than update everything and had no chrashes.