Latte Dock doesn't start at login

I searched on google and on the support forums here. Found some related issues, but not really a 'fix'. Fresh install of Garuda Linux Dr460nized using linux zen kernel as of 4/23/21. I upgraded the system at that time as well using pacman -Syu. I have modified the top panel layout mildly to add the activity switcher (just so I could see what activity I'm currently on), and a digital clock with long date to the middle. On restart, the latte dock does not automatically start. I log out a few times, and then it just starts working. The other issues I found here seem to suggest that it never works, unless they launch it manually. Mine does though. And its concerning that it does this on a fresh install. Is this worth looking into? Should I provide more details? If so, what details would you like specifically?

If you search the forum you will find a workaround that usually works. Add a three second delay to latte at startup by adding sleep 3 in its initialization script.

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Desktop is empty with no dock or hotbar 2 - #11 by lindsm Found the solution in this thread, and detailed it more for other noobies.

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