Latte dock and top bar randomly reset


I have been using Garuda KDE Dragonized for about a month now. Most things have been working fine and I've found solutions to all my minor problems here on this forum full of helpful people.

However, something has stumped me and I wonder if anyone on here knows what the issue is, or how I can fix it.

One day, when I turned on my computer, Latte was not visible at all. No dock, no bar at the top of the screen, etc. It was running, just not visible. Deleting the lock file didn't help. I followed a guide and ran a couple commands (cannot find this in my history unfortunately) and I got everything to show up again, however it was almost as if my Latte config was blank. My top bar (I have no idea what it's really called, lol) was completely blank, I had to manually add the window title, time and date, bluetooth, wifi, etc. back in. My dock itself has been reset too, the only thing on there is a blank file, dolphin, and a clock icon.

I remember I specifically didn't mess with any config files. I was wondering if I could just reload the stock config that came with Garuda to get everything back again, I didn't do much customization. Also, if that would work, where could I find that file?

Edit: forgot to mention, there is now a blue dot in the top left of every window, I have no idea what this does or how it got there. I think it's some kind of window control, like close, minimize, and fullscreen.

Thanks for reading.

Welcome :slight_smile:

This issue has been posted about occasionally in the past. The most likely cause was determined to be from flashbacks caused by excessive use of blue microdot acid in the past.

Just go easy on the hallucinogenics and a hopefully your perception of things will return to normal.

:wink: :crazy_face: :joy_cat:


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