Latinamerican music & technology conference

I'll like to invite all latin-american (musicians, artists, academics, developers and producers) garuda folks¹ to participate in a music and technology conference that I'm helping organize as part of the music technology posgraduate community of the Faculty of Music of the National University of Mexico (UNAM).

We're looking for concerts, workshops, general talks, research expositions and the like, in subjects such as live coding, decolonial tought, experimental music, music software development, music machine learning, instrument design, technological epistemologies, algotihmic composition, extended instrumental techniques, sound manipulation, remix, glitch, online platform colaboration and so on. The conference will be in spanish and completely online, the details are here:

You might wanna jump right to the submission form or facebook page (institucional caveat) of the event. The call ends soon, and the conference begins on November 8th.

I'll also like to engage the garuda community at large to know about your interests and/or work related to this subjects. Right know I'm beginning a doctoral research project on mathematical/geometrical (and computational) models applied to rythmic pattern generation inspired by the works of Toussant (2020), Milne (2016), McLean (2020) and Mazzola (2002)

Thank you!

[1] Though everyone is invited to attend and dialogue during the event :wink:

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