Latest NVIDIA drivers

I don't know if anyone else is experiencing issues with this, but it seems as if the latest NVIDIA drivers are causing crashes in both Cinnamon and vidya (particularly CS:GO).

I'm guessing it is the latest drivers which is the cause of this, because using the linux-lts kernel in combination with the aforementioned driver crashes stuff anyway.

As far as CS:GO is concerned, after playing for a couple of minutes the game just freezes (just the game; Alt+Tab works) and when it resumes, I have no sound and opening the console shows a wall of red text which, I assume, are errors.
I don't know where I can fetch the logs for Steam-apps on Linux, so I can't analyse the output of said WOT to check what crashes and what is causing it.

Reverting to a snapshot which uses the old kernel and old NVIDIA driver seems to work perfectly, though, so if anyone is experiencing the same, I suggest you just use an old snapshot :slight_smile:


What kernel and drivers are you using? You can also run steam from the command line to see the error logs.