Laptop user: Installing tlp and conflicts with performance-tweaks

Hey guys, hello, i am very impressed yet again by how much this distro evolved. First of all, everything works fine, performance is excellent on desktop, and it looks so nice! I am running it on my laptop (Asus GL552VW with 12GB DDR4, I5 6300hq and dual graphics, namely an HD 530+GTX 960m). I want to squeeze the most out my battery, and when i try to install tlp, it conflicts with performance-tweaks, which looks to be a pretty important package for the overall system. Is there a way to solve this?

remove performance tweaks

if we focus on battery life pc slows down to crawl
so we defaulted to performance

you can keep only one thing performance or battery life
so choose


Thanks librewish! I prefer performance, i use the laptop always plugged anyway, so i can live with bbswitch to power off the nvidia gpu.