Laptop friendly installer

The garuda isos as it stands are all made with desktop in mind. However there are a lot of users who use it on their laptops. And a lot of garuda's features need to be disabled/removed for it to become usable on laptop.

So my suggestion is that instead of shipping the iso with a custom kernel like zen or tkg and performance-tweaks and gamemode you ship only the default linux kernel and lts counterpart with no tweaks of any sort. After install let the user configure their install with Garuda Setup Assistant. A desktop user can get all the performance tweaks and custom kernels. Laptop users can configure the system for their laptops.

That way we will just be Manjaro with a different desktop. I think that instead of changing our mainline editions somebody might just step out and make Garuda images for laptops specifically. That would be nice and no changes from our side will be required. Somebody might as well just document the process of tuning Garuda on a laptop.

I can do the guide. Thought I'd throw out the suggestion since its been in my head for a bit.


This thing exists already.
It is called Garuda Barebones.
Download a Barebones ISO and confirm it fits your needs.


??? Garuda worked on this laptop very much as advertised with few minor changes needed, right out of the box. What you are requesting would have made at least my installation less effective and for what; to sate a handful of people that can't read instructions? It makes far more sense to have users with weak, ill-suited systems remove features, not punish all for sake of the very few.

Lowering all boats comes to mind...


Personally I hate using a laptop. IMO they are overpriced, underpowered, unexpandable, and unupgradable as they often come with soldered components. However, if you look at the preponderance of posts on the forum you will see that laptops are the preferred hardware of choice for most people looking to install Garuda.

Like it or lump, it portable devices are far more popular with most people these days.

Not going to happen, sorry buddy.


Well we tried and failed miserably
We used auto-cpufreq

And we got garuda is slow on potato laptops with very low base frequency.
It gone against our performance focused mindset.

So not gonna happen again

I already compromised by creating powersave tweaks and making performance-tweaks optional so that they can be installed/uninstalled by user via garuda-assistant.


As one my friend pointed out, there is also no reason for them to be so other than profit and stupid trends.
I hope that somebody will create a RISC-V based laptop with upgradable everything, and ports Garuda on it, BTW. That's my religion


I reckon if Garuda doesn't work on a particular machine, it's fully a case of no harm, no foul isn't it? Assuming of course individuals take reasonable and quite frankly no-brainer steps to avoid issues while testing such a leading edge OS. It's just data and if your life depends on it what in the blazes are you doing taking risks with it in the first place? Personally I use this laptop precisely because our lives do not depend on it. It's just my toy really.

Regardless, there are plenty of Linux distros out there that can be made to work on just about every machine ever made, laptop or otherwise. If one cannot use Garuda on their hardware, oh well... them's the breaks. At least for now. Who knows what time brings.