Lagging problem and low memory issue

Does garuda not run on 4 GB of ram?

I just open a browser ...and it says low memory
and when i open 2 or 3 tabs....then it lagging
or when i open another application system freezed.And says latte dock couldnot working.

See i am using brave browser (this is famous for low memory using) and just open two tabs but ram use is too high....and cpu fan speed increasing(

Are you joking
Anything based on chromium is memory hog

Use firefox


Yes you can try lxqt-kwin flavour it's minimum requirements is 2gb

Did you make swap partition during installation?
It helps a lot on less RAM PC

Also, I see brave using 1.2 GB RAM, maybe you would like to replace it with Firefox/DragonFire etc.


I have run Garuda on an old rig with 4 GB of RAM. For being 12 years old it ran quite well. I never exhausted my ram on that system, but obviously it had its limitations. I also know how to optimize my system to get the most out of what I have to work with.

An old system with only 4 GB of RAM is far from ideal to run Garuda, but it can be done.


I also have 4 GB RAM and have been using Garuda without any issues.

Palemoon > Qutebrowser> Optimized Firefox > Chromium-based browsers. This is when you have 4 GB or less RAM.

My everyday browser is firefox ( optimized ) and I also use palemoon.

I even use GIMP but have to be careful about the usage ( meaning no web browser open when I use GIMP ).

Latte uses almost as much RAM as whole plasmashell. For smoother experience, minimize desktop effects and ditch latte.


why ?it is proved ? there are meny browser memory use comperison in youtube? mosthy brave wins......

but i like this dragonise kde plasma version :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

yes , i make 4 gb swap menory...
but it use only 500(highest seen by me) mb...

But kde dragonized 8gb ram recommend

Increase swapiness (search forums/search engines)

Nope, it is 4gb. It works fine on pc with 4 GB RAM


what is recomended swap memory?

how much need?

See what is swappiness here


Hey man you can visit the brave site, They are telling that the brave is NOT an OFFICIAL realese for a Arch Linux. If you are brave lover then plzz use Debian based distro where you can use official realese of brave.

I was also die hard fan of brave browser but the firefox performance on Arch literally beat the brave.

On arch based distros, Firefox based browsers are BOSS.

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That's about the poorest recommendation for the poorest reason I've heard so far today. Kudos! :frowning:

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Not sure, but Firefox/Librewolf/Dragonfire surely have an edge over brave. I would even use chrome/ium instead of brave. And there should be only one brave in my room :wink:

May be, but I guess that ff performance better.


Believe me man, I am using i3 third gen.(NO SSD only HDD). On Garuda, the reopening of firefox after first open is not taking whole 1 second, with 8 extensions. But on Windows 10 firefox is very very laggy and brave is very fast. So, I pesonally give my point to firefox or its variants.

thank q for the information :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :slightly_smiling_face:

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