Lagging client league of legends


I download league of legends via heroic launcher and then with epic game league of legend, but I have a problem first of all when Im in game I cant alt+tab and my client is super laggy.

I have a laptot Amd ryzen 5500H , nvidia 3060 and 16ram when I played on window no problem with the client Im guessing maybe because its with epic game but not so sure if someone knows please,
thanks !!

I’m not sure how Heroic installs it, I usually go with Lutris to get it going. This all shouldn’t matter though as right now, afaik, the game is unplayable (some anti-cheat update broke it a while back):


Isn’t the 14.4 patch coming in Wednesday, February 22, 2024 that is going to break linux support completely because of a new anti-cheat? (if it isn’t broken a bit already? I don’t play this game)

Honestly disgusting that they are demonizing Linux users while plenty of other games use anti-cheat software just fine.


It already is since a while. First-hand experience here -I’m occasionally playing it with my best friend :smiling_face_with_tear:


Thanks for the answer !

Actually only the client lag the in game is fine and the status @dr460nf1r3 sent says it so it may come from this but it says that its currently unplayable on linux but Im playing so I dont know how these status works

And I didnt know about this “ban” of linux users, league of legends is the only game I play consistently and Im kinda sad to see that I’ll no be able to play it since I have just switch to linux (yesterday) I might just dl a vm window for league of legend lol …

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