Krfb / x11vnc on BlackArch

Good day,

I'm trying to remote-control this cool distro from a Windows machine running UltraVNC and over gigabit LAN. I've tried both krfb and x11vnc on Garuda with the same results. I am able to connect, but either one of two things happens:

  1. If using latest UltraVNC, display is blank.
  2. If using older UltraVNC, display works, but image is "jittery" or "stutters" and consumes tons of bandwidth.

What I think is happening, might have to do with the background image / compositing of Garuda / KDE. I say this because I also tried conky, and noticed that it does create the info widget at log-on, but this disappears completely as the regular KDE background fades in. And the nature of the "stutters" seen over VNC:

  1. With no Garuda windows open, it happens very little (compositing?)
  2. The more windows open, the higher the chances, especially if compositing is used.
  3. Scrolling and multi-tab windows (such as OSS Code) particularly contribute to "stuttering."
  4. A "stutter" lasts for likely 100ms, and can happen anywhere from once every few minutes, to three times per second.

When a "stutter" occurs, part or all of the foreground windows disappear, including the dock and top bar. Part or all of the background is then revealed (for likely one frame), then the foreground windows reappear. Sometimes the foreground items do not reappear in their entirety, and moving the mouse around generally causes the missing sections to reappear (and more stutters to occur...)

I tried removing the background in x11vnc, which had no effect. Other VNC settings had no effect on the stuttering.

Overall this makes VNC useless for real work. Would anyone have some ideas on what I could try? Thank you.

I usually disable the compositor on machines I access remotely. Transparency and effects are cool but not over a remote network connection.

It has been a while since I used that type of remote connection but I found nomachine to be a lot easier to get setup and tuned than vnc.


I rarely ask why, not even here.
I no longer have an M$ computer and I use ssh for remote control.
Perhaps the question would be better addressed in an M$ forum.
Or dalto knows the answer again :slight_smile:


I wish I could burn all of the Windows machines at work, but I think management would frown on that. :slight_smile:

@dalto NoMachine is awesome! Works great, can even remote in with a phone now too. No more stuttering, even with compositing! Thank you!


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