Koshvorlon says hello

Hello. My handle’s KoshVorlon, my real name’s Dave. I’m a computer nerd and have been active in Linux since Suse 6.2 (yeah, that long ago!). I’ve tried Slack, Debian, Tails, Arch (it wasn’t too bad), Gentoo (elitist community to the max, any problem you have, they respond with a generic “You didn’t read the manual”, even if you actually did! ), RedCore (a binary Gentoo build.

I even dabbled in FreeBSD. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but it kept crashing. Linux didn’t. So I went back to Linux and discovered Garuda. Nice community and Garuda has all kinds of drivers that other distros didn’t have (like wifi drivers already available!).

When I’m not in front of my computer, I’m a musician (keyboard player), writer, soon-to-be podcaster. I also
enjoy PowerYoga (Baptise Yoga !) and am studying to be a minister (so feel free to call me out if I cuss :slight_smile: !) (Don’t worry, I won’t prostelyze here, time and place matter!).

I look forward to meeting the rest of you and enjoying this community!


Warm Welcome David ! Hope you have a pleasant stay here at our community . May God bless you and your family !

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garuda welcome 2 :slight_smile:


Welcome to Garuda Linux - We’ll keep the keyboard powered up for you! :smiley:


:joy: :joy:

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@Yada I wish I could say I was kidding, but when I asked for assistance in getting Xorg set up , that was literally the response I got, even though I DID read the manual numerous times. FreeBSD was easier to set up Xorg with than Gentoo.