Konsole/Yakuake (or rather Fish?) does not follow system theme

Hey guys,

from time to time, I got out in the sun and need a light theme for that.
So I mostly switch to Breeze and hope, that everything comes along with it.
I found some tips here: Dark mode switching - ArchWiki
For example switching to another Firefox theme to make it go along with the system theme changes.

What I could not figure out though was how to change the theme of Konsole/Yakuake.
Though the borders of the windows changed, the content did not.

I am probably on the wrong track asking for advice on how to change the theme for Konsole/Yakuake, as it is probably a profile inside Konsole and or the fish shell itself, that needs changing.

I hope you are getting what I want to do. Else, please ask so I can try to clarify.

For konsole, check Settings -> Edit Current Profile -> Appearence -> Edit (e g. the current color scheme)
I hope yakuake has something similar.

But is there something that makes this change automatically whenever I change the system theme?

I hope yakuake has something similar.

AFAIK, Yakuake just wraps Konsole, so it should be the same setting.

I don't think this is possible, but if you create a light profile in konsole it should be a matter of a few clicks. I think this switch could be automated, but not with the theme change.

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