Konsole transparency - for root konsole also

This is something different than changing the profile. That's why I thought to reinstall the package. Have you tried that?

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Did sudo pacman -S garuda-dr460nized - no effect.

I really do appreciate your help !


Delete konsole settings file, so it rebuilds whatever from default.


You can disable transparency from a few places. I would suggest you disable the compositor (you will lose all special effects) from System Settings => Display => Compositor.
Because you are new to KDE, while you will be learning more and more, you can do it with a better way later (kvantum, breeze, or each app configuration/settings).

A common advice for new users is to create an additional user account, which will serve as a fail-safe go-to solution, when some things make your current account unusable. Also, you can check for differences in configurations between the two (actually running and new with the defaults) when you want or find time to discover/investigate.


This also tends to make your system far snappier with all the effects disabled.