Konsole colorescheme

Hello Garuda users.
I like how garuda KDE looks and i know that it uses plasma kde theme but i was searching for a long time to find the garuda konsole coloresheme on the internet but i didn’t find any thing about it
can you please help me to find this theme
Thanks in advance

Hi @abo-khiliwa and welcome to the community ! , For the color scheme Its named sweet or sweetified .

@Straight Thank you for your help but i know its name
I just want to download the sweetified.colorscheme for konsole but I don’t find any source

or just use Garuda Linux :smiley:

Oh Thank you @SGS I was searching for it all day :sweat_smile:
i found the deleted content of the theme then put them in a new Sweetified.colorscheme file and it worked!
Thank you very much

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