Komorebi isn't working properly

I tried to install komorebi but its live wallpaper isn't working properly. There are glitches everywhere in colors. If anyone knows anything about this regard please tell me how to fix it.

It depends how you installed it.
Which package have you used?
You should first seek for help at AUR and/or Developer's support.


I think I installed it from AUR repositories, But i don't quite remember it after all it have been more than 1 month since i installed it.

Easy ti find

pacman -Qi komorebi
# if it fails, then
pacman -Qs komorebi

If not found, then you did it manually, which is not supported :man_shrugging: . No miracles yet in Garuda... :sob:


in the first one, I got package not found but in the second one I got nothing.

Undo what you have done with "tried to install" and install an AUR package.
Else, there is nothing I can help with.
This is no general Linux Help forum. You may search the web for other type of support.