Kodi does not start


I am trying out garuda mate latest version and fully updated. When I install Kodi through software Add/remove it refuses to launch. It's the latest Kodi build from official repositorie. Does someone have an answer?


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I do not use Mate and Kodi, do you use Ultimate version?

Try to start Kodi from terminal and post the (Error) output.


Install kodi-x11. I had to do that on xfce


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Error output off official packet source (18.9-1):

Error: /usr/lib/kodi/kodi-x11 not found

After install Kodi-x11 18.9-1 the program launches, but in the wrong resolution (does not fit on screen). Launch through terminal produces no errors.

I am on ultimate edition btw and adjusted dpi and font size because I use my tv as a monitor.


When Kodi is launched from the Programs Menu, it will "mimic" the settings that you are using for your desktop. When you launch it from the terminal, it will launch without your DPI and other tweaks. Kodi has its own settings for video output. Take a look in the Settings - System - Display section of Kodi. You can adjust the resolution, screen size, refresh rate, Overscan, etc... You may need to do some tweaking there to match your TV. Take a look here for more information.


The settings are at the correct resolution in kodi (1920x1080 full screen mode). Can't get it working properly using both launch options. I have multiple issues with this mate version. Firefox forgets its window size after closing down and when I install autofs my internal storage hd won't mount anymore (manual and automount) . Manjaro kde no problems.I Will try a clean install with a different desktop environment.

Thanx anyway :smile:

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Small update. It was cinnamon desktop not MATE, my bad. In KDE version it works with x11 variant as displayed above by SGS. Firefox still forgets window size after closing. And autofs mount issue is partially solved. I did notice that KDE version is really sluggish. Anyway thats it.

Thanx everyone.

On all my Arch base installs Firefox always open the same size, about half width even if I shut it down in full screen mode which I always use.


Very annoying indeed. Have played around with most of the garuda ultimate flavors (kde cinnamon, mate and currently xfce) and they show all this behavior. My daily driver is manjaro which is also based on Arch but does not have this firefox ''bug''.

Used MJ and Archlinux for years and my screen doesn't open full screen. However I do use firejail if that makes a difference.


Well, I used kodi on mint(around 3 years ago). Though I was not at all interested in kodi, I wanted to have some fun.

In login screen, use kodi session instead of Cinnamon or kde. But the problem is you can't run other system until you logout and login again. May be this helps you.


Yeah I was aware off that option, but that's too much work. Maybe future garuda updates will have the before mentioned problems solved. For now I'm sticking with Manjaro. The reason for me to play around with Garuda was the optimizations it has in combination with btrfs.