Keyboard not working after reinstall the keyboard won't work

Help me kde plasma now i regret to install Garuda linux

Try unplugging the keyboard, and plugging it back in.


This post is missing a lot of possibly useful information.
You didn't provide, now and in all your previous topics, your garuda-inxi, so we don't know anything about your HW, not even if this is a laptop or desktop.
Please note that if your mouse is working you can provide this info via garuda assistant -> system specs tab. In the worst case, use the live USB.
If this is a laptop, can you try to plug-in an external keyboard?
If this is a desktop, a different one?
I must say you already have a good track record of flagged posts, suspensions, silencing, in just four months.
Please try to show an effort to prove that this is a serious problem, you try to fix it, and not trolling.


I move it to #4xx:precondition-failed

Edit your post and follow the template.

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Refusing to post the output of the required "garuda-inxi" on a help request will likely result in you not receiving any help from the Garuda team. A failure to provide your system specs may also result in your thread being closed without notice, (as without this information providing assistance is often next to impossible).

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