Keybinding for shift+del

For decades now, I used shift+del to delete files without putting them into the bin first.

For some reason, someone (probably at KDE) thought its a good idea to break that, and assigned cut (ctrl+x is obviously not enough for that) as well and that broke both.

Dolphin now tells me, that the keybinding is bound double, and that it cant do anything that way.
Complete fresh install, updated and rebooted.

In case you haven't noticed, we try to implement the best possible software in Garuda Linux here, but we have no control over it.
Complaints and such should be posted upstream.

You have no control over open source software, that you already patch, and ship out in a heavily customized style? o.O

How would I know, what is vanilla and what customized by one of the distro maintainers in the first place? Looking it up in my crystal ball? :crystal_ball:

And I mean: This is part of QA.

Before you ship software, you test it. And I mean, I get it, you cant test everything.

So if you don't test, and a response comes back from the community, why could we not be happy by just admitting it happened, and then also suggesting how we could deal with it.


When you ship software, and you get the response back that a relatively fundamental feature doesn't work as intended, you might benefit from the insight since you can improve.

This is, if you want to improve.

I am on an up to date KDE system as well but I don’t have this issue. I can use shift+del as intended.

garuda does not patch anything. Garuda team just creates theme that affects how your UI looks along with the obviously “garuda*” named softwares to help automate tasks for users. Patching every piece of FOSS software available online is not possible for anyone. That’s why SGS asked you to raise your issue with the developer in case you believe the bug is from their side.


Wait.. You want Shift + Del to perma delete files & folders?

It is doing exactly that on my system.

  1. Full system update, reboot & try again.

  2. Shorcut conflict?


Thanks a lot you all. Could you see, if the keybinding is applied to both, cut and delete, and report on that?

Maybe its supposed to work this way, and my issue lies beneath, and it just doesn't work because of the handling of the differentiation.

Does it show for you the same as in the screenshot? Or is only one set :slight_smile:

Yes, it is a shortcut conflict. As you can see in my screenshot.

I had updated my system this morning and I still have both cut (ctrl+x) and delete (both just del and shift+del) are working as intended for now.

You can check your kde shortcuts and in the search box type shift+del and it will show you all the shortcuts with that as keybinding. Infact I noticed something strange there.

Maybe this is why you are facing the issue. Though it’s quite strange that I don’t face it. anyway I believe turning off shift+del in edit for cut should be good enough. Or you can turn it off for all then apply and then turn it back on for the intended targets then hit apply again in case it doesn’t work the first time.


My solution is to ignore GUI and run any flavor of rm / rm -rf on a file to get rid of iti if all else fails.

I dont want to get too much OT, but I find that it would be cool if one could apply shorcut command to currently slected file. Say you do chmod, chown, rm -rf or something else via KB shorcut. This would actually be useful in some use cases.

Actally you I could do somekind of .sh script for it.

You can custom tailor shortcuts. See the screenshot above: Add command.

Yes, I havent applied a lot of functionality to the plasma shell , dolphin since I like to do a lot of stuff in CLI but now I am thinking there is potential.

I run 20+ CLI aliases, make life so much easier for me.

Usually 2 to 3 char long. Its a blast, thats why I dont rely on Dolphin too much.

However, certain multiple file operation could be delegated to Dolphin. Just for added flexibility.

My very first screenshot shows just that. (Just in German, sorry.)

Yeah, I wonder because normally, double bound keybindings are not problem and common, so long as the context within they get launched is not conflicting.

In this case, it is, and idk why they add this in the first place.

I will write a bug report, that basically asks a) what kind of priority system is in place, that avoids issues like in your case and b) why it doesnt do so for myself.

Thanks a lot

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