Kernel upgrade


I want to upgrade current kernel (linux-lts 5.10.85-1) to the newer stable (should be 5.15, I think), but kernel app from system settings doesn't display anything except the installed lts. In pamac I wasn't able to find vanila 5.15 too. Please advise what to do.


sudo pacman -Syu linux-zen linux-zen-headers

You might have to change the default kernel in Garuda Boot options, just try it and see if you need to.
You can check your currently running kernel with uname -a.


Or open Garuda Settings Manager, Kernels, push Refresh and you'll see a list of installable kernels.
Consider that we follow Arch, so for LTS you'll find at the moment:
For zen:
For the linux kernel:
(but 5.15.8.arch1-1 is in testing upcoming)


Thanks TNE, new kernel installed and working OK.

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