Kernel(not the one i want!)

Hi all
i'd like to switch default kernel automaticaly (the lastest if poss.), no snaps, but i'm a bit lost
This machine keeps on booting on a previous one... & i downloaded 5 of them !!!
Does anyone as a clue ?
Very gratefull
uname -sr
Linux 5.11.6-137-tkg-cfs
(a bit off topic but there seems to be update problems ?)

You have to set the default kernel after you download it.

Edit the Grub config file usually in /etc/default/grub with nano or some other editor. I run things slightly modified, but mine looks like this (this just saves the last kernel entry because I'm lazy):


Then you just have to regenerate the grub to enable it.

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

If you want to use a specific one you could change savedefault to false and put the specific kernel in default.


Many thanks @piliener for infos
Last thing...When trying to download latest kernel,install fails !
I'll try again before setting GRUB.

sudo update-grub

Does the same thing and is easier to remember.

Garuda uses micro instead of nano because it is even easier to use.

Do you use
garuda-settings, Kernel?
If you see only kernel in use, press refresh.

Just curious, how does grub determine what kernel is "Garuda"?

There is only one god and his name is Garuda.
So grub knows it can only be Garuda.




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