Kernel exploit on current rolling release

Hey guys, anyone know whether cve-2021-22555 has been patched on current kernel garuda is running on? I mean I am def not familiar with these concepts, but I'd just like to have as secure of a system as possible. And linux exploit suggester says its vulnerable, which is not a surprise since the exploit is only a couple of months old. Also any plans to patch the vulnerability if it's the case?


Available information:

Kernel version: 5.14.16
Architecture: x86_64
Distribution: N/A
Distribution version: N/A
Additional checks (CONFIG_*, sysctl entries, custom Bash commands): performed
Package listing: N/A

Searching among:

78 kernel space exploits
0 user space exploits

Possible Exploits:

[+] [CVE-2021-22555] Netfilter heap out-of-bounds write

Exposure: less probable
Tags: ubuntu=20.04{kernel:5.8.0-*}
Download URL:
Comments: ip_tables kernel module must be loaded

It has been fixed long while ago. See


Oh I see , thanks when I was searching whether it was fixed or not I couldn't find anything, but I suppose info like that very common place. But weirdly enough les suggested that exploit.

The script you are using might not be optimized for Arch Linux kernel and/or Linux- Zen kernel.


Looking at the commit history, this tool has had only infrequent updates over the past two years, and has not had any real updates since March 2021.


implies the exploit was present on Ubuntu's kernel 5.8 series.

Also from the linked page,

The other lessons here are don't assume that scripts are reliable and to read around the subject.


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