Kernel development


Dont know where to put that question, havent found relevant topic on forum

Is there anyone here who is developing kernels?
Could give some hints where to start, what to read etc?
that could guide a little?

I am not someone who is developing kernels at the moment but I am quite interested in the area and wanna go in the field.

First, I will say first build your base learn all you can about operating systems including addressing/paging etc otherwise all this is meaningless all you have achieved is copy someone else’s code and you will never grow that way.

After this I will suggest start with embedded systems programming. It’s the field that most closely works with low level programming and will give you a good hands on experience on handling hardware. There are courses online you can take for this an example, (you don’t need to strictly take this course or smth just an example)


If you look around a little you will find a ton of resources online for this. These are just examples.

After this I will suggest going with development of drivers, firmware and such for a kernel

Once done you can look at some small kernels like Tock and start contributing to them and grow from there.

Or if you prefer being spoon-fed lines of code there actually are already a ton of videos on youtube that will literally walk you through how to use assembly to write your own boot loader and kernel so if you prefer that you can do that as well. Eg,

(These videos are a part of bigger separate playlists)


Hi @wilk85 , maybe this topic will help you


Thank you both, for your answers, i will dig into these lectures, i have started some low level programming previoualy, but kwrnel programming is interesting


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