Kernel boot screen problem

In normal daily use, sometimes the system comes to this screen and waits. I don't know if this is a hardware error or a system error

I guess we will need some more information...
Sometimes ... waits ... then?
Just a long waiting time and it works, or you do something to fix it?
In addition to that, if this time you can make it work, you will have to provide the garuda-inxi.
If you're currently (or always) stuck, you'll have to use a live USB to provide those info.

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In any use, gaming or internet surfing etc. This screen comes out of nowhere and I have to turn off my computer. Because it stays that way.

Is it possible you are accidentally switching to the console?

I have you tried switching TTYs when you get that screen?


Maybe translation will help too. RAM disk error???
BTW, we do not need pictures which contains only two short lines.
Please, stop posting pictures :slight_smile:


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