Kernel App doesn't list kernels

Why do you open a ticket in GitLab? :smiley:

You get an answer much faster here.

Do others still have this problem?


Garuda Linux KDE lite

Garuda Linux KDE lite is made for users who do not want extra software and functionalities and complain about bloat. It contains only the bare minimum of packages needed to get started. (You are on your own, we do not provide any support for KDE lite editions!)
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I can access it just fine from garuda settings manager

However a thing to note is that launching it using plasma search opens KDE settings and ends up showing nothing instead of opening it in garuda settings manager

clicking this entry leads to:


Because is a bug/issue and for another app with a issue (a typo to tell the truth) here on forum people say to me to post on github so ...

I still have the issue since 2022, if is only mine 2 pcs ok it means I use some interfering app (I think could be Stacer deleting some things)
My older one is a netbook that I buy in 2011 so realy old, on it I use Garuda with XFCE (supported by forum) with only 3 programs on it Stacer, pacseek, firefox nothing more apart garuda apps. And on it I have the same isse, no kernel list.
That's why I think is Stacer interferig

I am really confused why garuda even has that trashy buggy software on it’s welcome screen when issues with it keep cropping up like never ending swarm of insects.

Plus the project is even abandoned


Stacer is safer than BleachBit.
I use it just one time every month or so, I use Garuda Assistant cleaner for cache and package cache but is doesn't clean all, and when you as me have a 32GB SSD the extra package cache Stacer can erase (several GB every month) are a great news
As you correctly said is available via Garuda Welcome so I assume is tested with not interference with other Garuda Apps.

How so? I don't use bleachbit either but why not just use the commands instead? That would be much easier and faster than stacer or any GUI alternative. Plus the projects even abandoned. A simple command to clean all your pacman cache will be

paru -Scd

Which upon execution would do this:

[sudo] password for siddharth:
Packages to keep:
All locally installed packages

Cache directory: /var/cache/pacman/pkg/
:: Do you want to remove all other packages from cache? [Y/n]
removing old packages from cache...

Database directory: /var/lib/pacman/
:: Do you want to remove unused repositories? [Y/n]
removing unused sync repositories...

Clone Directory: /home/siddharth/.cache/paru/clone
:: Do you want to clean all other AUR packages from cache? [Y/n]:

Diff Directory: /home/siddharth/.cache/paru/diff
:: Do you want to remove all saved diffs? [Y/n]:

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