Keeping some programs for later updates

Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding updates and how to keep some programs in an earlier version than the latest. My example is with Blender, I currently use version 3.3.0, while the latest is 3.4.1 if I'm not mistaken. Before moving to the latest version I want to make sure all the addons I need get updated so I want to delay updating the program. When I go to update the packages (I have KDE dragonized version) I get a long list of packages to be updated and system asks me to update or not, what I would like to know is if I can remove single items (and dependencies if any) from the list before updating everything. Like, can I add to the base command for update a condition to skip the package 'blender' or something like that? I've searched a bit under updates for generic archlinux support, but couldn't find a way to exclude some packages from being updated. This also made me ask two other questions : if it is possible (I would guess yes) to install two different versions of the same program and if it's possible to go back to a previous version of a program once updated. About these two matters, can anyone explain me if I can access specific versions from repositories through the console or through programs like octopi or if I have to get them elsewhere (in Blender's case, from their site) and install the package 'manually'?

Thanks in advance

Just search in arch linux wiki. By the way, it is very difficult to read because you do not format your text.

Skip package from being upgraded

Warning: Be careful in skipping packages, since partial upgrades are unsupported.

To have a specific package skipped when upgrading the system, add this line in the [options] section:


For multiple packages use a space-separated list, or use additional IgnorePkg lines. Also, glob patterns can be used. If you want to skip packages just once, you can also use the --ignore option on the command-line - this time with a comma-separated list.

It will still be possible to upgrade the ignored packages using pacman -S: in this case pacman will remind you that the packages have been included in an IgnorePkg statement.


Thank you a lot for the quick response.

Sorry about the unformated text. I'll have a look at the links you've included in your answer.

update --ignore blender

Alright, so I just need to add the --ignore blender and other packages names to skip those when entering the update command right?

No, actually, the correct command should be

garuda-update -- --ignore pkg1,pkg2,blender,other_pkg3

Notice the extra double dashes


That's great, thank you very much for the help!

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