KDialog in Sway

Hi :slight_smile:

I am coming from KDE, and I am used to theme the applications there with the System Settings app. Obviously, I dont get to do that here, but I installed KDialog, since it is compatible with Firedragon, and because I like to. :smiley:

As you can see, is the light theme selected.
I tried QT5-Settings and KVantum, both dont seem to affect KDialog.
How can I get this dark?

Please try


in /etc/environment, reboot.



Its transparent now, and that looks like its themed by Kvantum:

Can go from here, thanks!

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I managed to get it to an usable state.
I have to say, something is not right with the communication between Qt5-Settings, Kvantum and KDialog.

Kvantum itself is themed by Kvantum as well, and I see the changes always and immediately.

Half the time, it seems like KDialog is not being reached, or doesnt react properly to the changes, and sometimes it takes like 3, 4 seconds. A bit weird, but ok :slight_smile:

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