[KDE] Window size and position not saving

I just installed Garuda KDE and for some reason it's not saving window size and position, everything resets every time I open it, firedragon, dolphin, konsole, discord, I created a rule to open all windows initially on my first screen which works in vanilla kde but is only working for some programs on garuda KDE, is there something I'm missing here?

EDIT: I tried deleting ~/.config, issue persists, something with system configurations

Also a few things I've noticed:

  • Garuda Assistant's icons don't show up if candy isn't applied (I don't like candy)
  • The bottom latte dock is missing justify splitters when switching it to a panel and has to be deleted and re-created
  • Grub decryption takes a very long time (up to 30 seconds after pressing enter), an option to do encryption without boot encryption would be great, or encrypt with settings that grub can use hardware acceleration on
  • FireDragon is set delete to cookies on exit, very annoying, nobody wants to be signed out of every website every 5 minutes by default
  • SDDM/KDE is set to run on tty2 while tty1 is blank and unusable
  • ZSH is the set shell but it's actually fish and can't be changed, some hacky thing with garuda-fish-config

If you wish assistance for separate issues please start separate help requests for each.

Did you find the issues with Windows sizing only after you changed the default theming?

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It's out of the box, even in the liveiso

The other things are for the people who maintain the kde edition to look into fixing, I already fixed them myself

Thank you for the info and feedback.

You have to uncheck this, for some reason this setting breaks window size and placement on garuda linux but not vanilla arch

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