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Hello all!

Long time reader first time poster here.

Been using the Dragonized version of Garuda as my DD for a few months now.

So, I'm running the KDE version. I just ran into another OS called CachyOS, and they have this really beautiful theme called Emerald (github will be posted).

The theme is not in any of the stores, but is on GitHub.

Is there a way I can install this theme somehow?

Thanks in advance!

A fairly straightforward method would be to download the ZIP right off of the page.

Unzip to the plasma/desktoptheme user directory.

unzip ~/Downloads/CachyOS-Emerald-KDE-master.zip -d ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/

From there, you should be able to select the theme from the GUI settings.


Ok, I'll give that a try
I had downloaded it but didn't know to toss it in that folder.

For posterity's sake, the above didn't work.

At least on my machine, the themes are in the below folder.


From there, I had to move the contents of each folder from the Emerald Git to the respective folder in the above path.

/usr/share/plasma/ is the path for system themes, user themes should be stored in ~/.local/share/plasma/. It probably won't matter, but do keep in mind sometimes system directories can be modified or overwritten with updates while directories in home will be left alone.

In any case, glad to hear you got it working. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We mark here the solution, not the implementation.
Even if you have changed it.
A reboot and the selection in the system settings (GUI) you probably have not found.

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