KDE testing, feedback, impression

systemd-analyze Startup finished in 3.291s (kernel) + 1.585s (initrd) + 3.554s (userspace) = 8.432s graphical.target reached after 3.554s in userspace.

I installed KDE dragonized alongside with Sway spin. I decided to dualboot since it seemed easiest approach for my purpose (just to see it, feel it, try it out).

I must say this is the best modern desktop environment experience I’ve ever had in years of using/trying all kinds of Linux distributions. The initial update took quite some time, specifically dkms-install (maybe 6 or 7 minutes) that you can see in screenshot. At one point I was worried if it’s stuck and I should reboot but I decided to let it be and update finished without any errors. I then rebooted.

One of the reasons I switched to windows managers about 6 years ago (i3 mostly) was because DE like KDE, gnome or others seemed crashy and sluggish in comparison. Sometimes dragging and dropping file onto folder didn’t work. Sometimes I couldn’t see file in file manager but could see it via terminal. All kinds of minor issues which left me with impression that Linux DE sucks and it can’t compete with Windows and I should just stick with windows managers, HOWEVER…
Garuda KDE (and I assume all the other spins too) works perfect! I haven’t yet experienced any of those little issues that I had in past. I think combination with linux-zen and ram usage is doing the trick but probably some other software too which i’m not even aware of.
And how could I not mention the looks… There is no better stylized distro out there.
Nothing like this on a market. And for free. Garuda wins for sure :slight_smile:


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