KDE task switchers not working

I had updated updated the garuda os yesterday (11-8-21),from there on different task switchers not working.All task switchers working as informative .

I have this settings and doesn't work

Neither of you have given us anything to work with other than, "It's broke. Help!" and ignoring the posting information and rules listed at the top of the page.

  • Did it work before?
  • Has anything changed?
  • Have you researched for similar problems in this forum?
  • Have you Googled for a solution?
  • What, exactly have you researched and read?
  • What fixes have you tried to apply?
  • What failed and why? Any error messages?
  • Did you reboot after any changes?

And, finally, please post the output of inxi -Fza.

Give us that information, and perhaps some kind forum volunteer will be pleased to try to help you. If you help us help you. Pretty please? :slight_smile:



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