KDE Removes Libre-Free Software But Keeps Proprietary

Hello Everyone

Fool me once, maybe a coincidence, but twice? I don't think so.

HEIC/HEIF (HEVC) is proprietary format of MS and APPL. AVIF (from AV1) is libre software from Alliance of Open Media (AOM).

What happened:
For the second time this year, KDE devs (MS employees that sabbotage KDE ?) removed AVIF support in KDE. But NEVER REOMOVED OR TOUCHED PROPRIETARY HEIC/HEIF (HEVC).

Affected Software (Whole KDE Plasma):

  1. No background/wallpaper on login screen (SDDM)
  2. No wallpaper in KDE
  3. No thumbnails in Dolphin
  4. No background in Lock Screen
  5. Gwenview can't display photos
  6. DigiKam broken
  7. Showphoto (HDR, Panorama, ...) editing software broken

Something is going on. Once? Maybe a coincidence, a bug? But for the second time? No! Someone went into kimageformats and removed "avif.so" from this library. It had to be done on purpose. Especially when you consider that HEIC/HEIF has never been removed.

P.S. KDE can't display wide gamut .jpg photos (sxiv can, imagemagick can, graphics magic can,...).

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Sorry, we have no KDE devs here, so we cant help.
Please open issue on KDE git.

BTW, Garuda do not use this format as standard for


Fixed by the same version fo the library. Apparently Arch fixed if by updating from "-1" to "-2". Same library different compilation (from dash one to dash two).

This is pretty outrageous. It seems this post is more an effort to stir up some FUD than an earnest attempt to fix whatever issue you are having.

The copy/paste you made of this post in the EOS forum is worth a read if anyone wants a good laugh. :popcorn:

Enough is enough I think; I’ll move this thread to 406 Not Acceptable since is basically just a trolling effort.


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