KDE - random screen capture to wallpaper quirk

When this problem occurs, please check in the settings the status of the compositor.
If it displays an error, try ackniwledging the reset.
If this helps, but the problem occurs again, you could try changing the compositor settings to see if you can find a stable configuration.

Awesome! Thank you. I'll keep and eye on it and report back what I find. Sometimes it takes a few days for the problem to occur. Thanks again!

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Does your issue look like the one described in this recently open KDE bug report?
If so, there is a suggested workaround to use
kwin_x11 --replace &
and of course hopefully one day this will be closed :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delayed response. I think my issue is the same...as you can tell, the problem is very hard to describe.

It hasn't happened since we've been discussing, but when it does, I will check the status of compositor, and I'll try the command above. Either way, I'll report back. "Hopefully" it'll happen before the thread self closes.

Thanks for the link and info! I really appreciate it!


Whadda know....it just happened.

So, the status of compositor looked fine, there was no error.

However, the fix action kwin_x11 --replace & worked! My problem is exactly as described in the bugs.

So, it looks like it's a known issue and they are working on it.

Thanks so much for your help! I now have a quick fix action for when it happens, and it's being worked on.

Thanks so much for your help, filo!!! :smiley:

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