KDE Plasma - Minimize window animation bug

I don't know where to post a bug for the KDE, so I hope I am in the right place.

DISCLAIMER: "goes into an icon" = the animation of minimizing a window that appears like the icon in the bottom pannel of lattedock is swallowing the window.

I have a dual monitor and I have an icon from one of the monitors and the icon on the bottom pannel apears. If I try to minimize the window by clicking on the "other monitor" icon and the animation is kind of random. It's eighter goes into the clicked icon(the happy flow) or (the wrong flow in my oppinion) it goes into the other OR (the WTH flow) it goes into the right one and midway changes his mind and goes into the other one.

I hope I was specific enough so that you guys understand what I was trying to say and may be able to reproduce this issue and fix it.

Note: I have not seen this issue reported anywhere here, so if it's already in play, I apologize for the double.


But maybe it is a feature, who knows :wink:

I am not sure it is a KDE.org issue. Aren't a lot of those windows behavior plugins created by outside users?

Not sure what minimize animation you are using, but you can find them in System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects. You can also get new ones with the button in the lower right if that one is not working. Some of the plugins have options also, so check the settings.

Edit to add: Also not sure what version of Garuda you are using, but I think some use the Magic Lamp plugin by default, so check that one.

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I am using the Magic Lamp effect.
Squash dose not have the same bug.

Not sure what a Squash is, but if you are having issues with Magic Lamp, then you will need to track down the developer, usually find the git page and open an issue. Google Internet search is your friend.

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Mhhhhhh, whoogle, duckduckgo, searx, ... and so on :slight_smile:

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KDE's animation "bugs" come and go. It has been that way for years, and there's little you can do (bug fix?) other than file specific bug reports/requests. Which may or may not be fixed now or in ten years.

The point being, one or two or more of those inconsequential wee bugs may bug you but KDE is so massive...and these problems so minuscule....

So choose an animation that isn't so buggy for you and your machine. Can't deal with that? Sayonara Linux, hello Windows.


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