KDE + Nvidia + Wayland stops rendering apps under load

No garuda-inxi at this point because I'm not on wayland, it is too painful to use. When playing graphically intense video games like Star Citizen, applications stop rendering their contents inside their KDE windows. See screenshot. After quitting the application causing the system load, the other applications start rendering again. Anyone exprienced this, or have ideas?

Wayland is quite a bit snappier on the desktop, so it'd be awesome if i could use it. Discord also has trouble using GPU acceleration, which is actually noticeable when it's not present. It takes quite a while for text i am typing to render.

You can send it before the problem occurs.

What are you using to play your games? (Lutris, Steam etc.) Possibly other applications stop rendering because a game has high priority and is using %100 of GPU. On Garuda Assistant disable ananicy-cpp, if Lutris has a setting to automatically set high priority disable that and renice applications that don't render.