KDE memory leak / exploit is allowing for a remote attacker to convert sdhc cards to read only (windows formated and bitlocker encrypted sdhc

Using LibreWolf (piped youtube / Twitter main / Gmail mostly) allows for a remote attacker to access memory cards that are to be connected; to render them read only; so files can not be modified; or copied to the drive.

Has happened twice; with user feedback turned on in KDE; in a two week period; even after the latest updates to the kernel yesterday.

Attack is seems to be possible on windows formatted sdhc cards; also have tested bitlocker encypted sdhc cards (was not able to test linux encrypted sdhc cards; it was not possible to write to a linux encrypted sdhc card after creation.

The drive was not read only on windows or macos systems after the attack; likely this exploit has been fixed on both; had a similar attack happen on macos a few years back and it was reported to the beta team.

Great operating linux distrobution; much less problems then windows / macos. Was also having trouble with PopOS Ubuntu/ Debian based Above and beyond almost all expectations.

So Much appreciation. =]

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What leads you to believe there has been an attack on your system? It sounds more like the drive is not mounted correctly. :thinking:



man chown


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Source? CVE?


It has been a day since a request was made for substantiation of this unsupported accusation. Without any solid references to support your ascertion this post is simply wild speculation.

Claims that "the sky is falling" have no place on our forum. If you can't back up your claims with some actual documented evidence then it's time we close this out.


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