KDE | lite | Ultimate-Gaming | 200429 |

we are happy to announce the refresh of our KDE editions :star_struck:

what are the changes since the last iso?

now you can choose from the four layouts

  1. modern - which is default
  2. familiar
  3. classic
  4. unity
  • changed the naming -> minimal to lite and full to ultimate

fixed the Plymouth not showing problem. :relieved:

we have made firefox + thunderbird as default in every edition.

our forum as a start page in the browser. :wink:
so you can always get the news and updates related to garuda.
and if you have any problem related to the garuda you can always ask.
we will try our best to resolve those issues. :hugs:

you can make suggestions on how to improve garuda. :slightly_smiling_face:

we are always ready to improve things further. :grinning:


Downloads -->>

Lite Edition

Ultimate-Gaming Edition


Holy shit, this is so awesome. :slight_smile:

Make a KDE โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ– โ–  like Edition with bright colors.
Optimize Dolphin handle (SU etc)
Keep functional workflow for open any sort of file types epub, pdf, mp4, mp3 etc
Prepare a very basic iso without additional stuff but the possibility to load all stuff required for gaming with one click
Try xandmod /rt Kernel
Concentrate on as few DE as possible
Keep open mindset donโ€™t hold on linux dogma
Excuse my google translator english :wink:

greetings Johnny

Xanmod & Liquorix are a good choice for Debian based distros. On Arch based you have a bigger list of choicesโ€ฆ linux-zen is a pretty good choice as a โ€œdefaultโ€ kernel. Still linux-tkg-(bmq/muqss/pds)-zen is better suited for gaming in my opinion. You can install whatever you want, everyone has their preference, we have different setup.

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you are the best guys :space_invader:

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