KDE-Git Setup-Assistant


When I installed the KDE-Git version and chose yes in the Setup-Assistant when asked whether I want to install additional KDE-Applications, it tried to install the normal- and not the git-versions. This resulted in having to click N&Enter a lot of times.
Maybe you could change the setup-assistant for the git version so that it installs the git packages of the KDE-Applications if it isn't too much work, as that just makes more sense(Like, if you install the git-version to get more up-to-date packages and then the installer gives you the normal ones it is kind of weird). Another option I could think of is a button for both, something like yes(git-versions), yes(normal-versions) and no, or at least some sort of warning/information box that it will try to install the normal packages over the git ones.


Well... the issue currently is that not all kde-applications are gitted. only the "most used ones".

kmail for example, doesn't have a git version :frowning:

currently I would even give advice to only use all kde-frameworks-git and plasma-git, but not applications like dolphin-git, because its giving me this bug:



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