KDE, ensuring continued support!

Hello as you may know the KDE-multimedia edition will be dropped if no maintainer steps up this is why i am stepping up to help maintain this edition.

KDE-multimedia is essentially a more vanilla "Mac like" KDE edition with more software preinstalled however I have some proposed tweaks,

  • Improve the looks a little
  • maybe use a different latte layout.
    If anyone wants to help me feel free to do so.

I just installed it. Not because I particularly love it, but so that all Antergos splinters can be seen on the Garuda GRUB window again.

In live mode I had a crack in the screen. Also, after the installation.
After restarting the same thing, I still updated.
Restart ---> screen crack. Then I turned to the latte dock. After a bit of fiddling, the dock now looks nice, is and remains stable. I think KDE Multimedia should be kept. But first a new ISO would have to be built for this. Unfortunately I can't help.

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I think it needs some polish too but it is a very good edition. I think there are a few bugs though

To be honest, I like it the way it is, quite a lot.

The upper dock is transparent. Spectacle just prevented that.


Yeah but latte crashes alot. Nice desktop BTW
Also what do you mean by "Screen crack"

The Latte Dock cannot unfold and only a few areas of the screen can be used.

You’re right. In the meantime, the transparency has turned into something brightly checked. I could fix it again, but after every fourth restart this fiddling - no, thanks.

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Just joined Garuda forum, and I like the multmedia edition a lot. Can I suggest replacing latte-dock completely with Plank ( community ). I had problems with launchers in latte ( nothing launched ) . Replacing it with Plank resolved the problem.


Plank in KDE! :scream:

(JK - Plank is not normally used in Plasma though. Latte is a very powerful dock/panel/sidebar/many more! It is also built excusively for Plasma.)


The plank dock is a matter of taste, I don't like it.
Uninstalled Plank and reinstalled Latte, set the output module in the compositor to OpenGL 3.1 and restart the compositor.
My latte dock looks like the picture above and has already survived the third restart plus update.


No plank is mainly for gnome/budgie/xfce5
Latte is for KDE/lxqt

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Unfortunately not the magical mystery fourth start. :crazy_face:

What do you mean?

That means that after every 4th restart I have to visit the compositor to restore the destroyed latte dock.

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Oh, that's what it means :sweat_smile:
EDIT merge request created to edit some packages.

Perhaps try this:

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Thanks, @tbg, I've already read.
But it is irrelevant because I uninstalled KDE Multimedia.

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Is there a download link for multimedia?

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No. It has been removed from the builds I think. Build it yourself or request a build?



How do I request one

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