KDE Dragonized Samba Share Tab

I just installed the KDE version of Garuda Linux and I must say its one of the most beautiful desktops I've ever seen. I have a test machine with various distros mounted on multiple SSD's. They're all setup relatively the same.

I installed samba and kdenetwork-filesharing. Added a group sambashare. Added myself as a user to that group. Created samba password. Created an smb.conf file. It all works and the share is seen on my other pc and accessible. But the share tab in the home directory says "You appear to not have sufficient permissions to manage Samba shares." I would think this would be the result of not adding myself to sambashares group and would prohibit me from sharing the directory. But its not.

I have a Manjaro KDE version as well. There is a problem with KDE in making two tabs one blank and one with the usual stuff to select the share. This problem has been resolved by KDE developers but has yet to make it downstream to Manjaro. Garuda has a more recent version of kdenetwork-filesharing.

Just wondering if anyone else using KDE has seen this issue.

If you're talking about the dual share tabs issue it's a known bug that has been discussed on the forum before.

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no need for samba :wink:
sshd, sftp, scp is all I need :smiley:
rsync too :blush:


Don't forget NFS as well, far superior to Samba IMO.


I'm using Samba because that's what's used on my iPad and mobile phone. There's an app that uses samba as a method of sharing files between other OS's including windows which I no longer use.

In this case there's only one blank tab with a message that I don't have permission to set the share. In spite of that, it works anyway. It's a KDE issue anyway. Not arch. Thanks for the replies.

KDE connect is the best way to share files with a smart phone IMO. One of the best KDE apps ever IMO.

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I've got 8 Linux operating systems on my test machine. Only two of them are KDE. The others are gnome and cinnamon. Manjaro, Ubuntu, Debian, and now Garuda. I was trying to inform via this forum that I found what looks like a KDE bug. I found another KDE one yesterday unrelated to the original post. Its on Manjaro as well.

I've probably set up Samba at least 20x in the last two years since I stopped using Win7. Not one issue. Just a little more work on Arch.

Files are getting moved between three pc's and my mobiles which are not Android. I don't think KDE connect will work with iOS. App store licensing. I could be wrong. Anyway the app I purchased called "File Browser Business" works perfectly.

The issue with switching....Samba is working on all the OS's. I'm using Garuda KDE Dragonized right now but may switch back next week to Ubuntu on the test machine. The Debian disk hosts a controller for my Unifi AP. I needed something very stable.

Since the shared directory works without having access to the shared tab, I was curious if I unshared the directory via the share tab on my other pc if I could still see it and read, copy, delete files. Sure enough it doesn't matter. Not sure what it does, maybe for Windows. I'll check tomorrow. I have an older laptop that has Win7 on it because of a WiFi auditing program that only runs on Windows.

Merry Christmas everyone.


In that case I wouldn't be using Samba, It suffers breakages regularly from upstream changes.

Have a Merry Christmas as well.


The stability reference mentioned was about Debian hosting my unifi controller not samba. But I've got 8 OS, two iPhones, three iPads, three pcs with samba. On Garuda I uninstalled the KDEnetwork-filesharing program after finding out its not needed. The definition of the shared directory in samba.conf is enough for it to work. The only thing missing is the share symbol on the folder.

I've never had a problem with samba from XP, Win 7, and now Linux distros. I've had more issues with nvidia and dual monitors.

Example. Manjaro just had a major upgrade on how they define nvidia drivers and their latest kernel upgrade to 5.10. This has happened before when they upgrade a file for the kernel replacing the old one. Then there is a conflict because of a dependency on the file being upgraded. Its crazy. But all three desktops had different problems. KDE being the worst and Gnome being the best and Cinnamon in the middle. KDE had no driver at all requiring installing it from virtual terminal. Since its happened multiple times, I kept notes on how to get around the problem.

Happy New Year everyone. Consider the kdenetwork-fliesharing issue resolved because I uninstalled it with everything working fine. Garuda working without any issues for about two weeks.

I am having a network issue as well - but I cant really find a HUGE amount of data on how to view my network in KDE ( other desktops just seem to "work" eg XFCE, Gnome etc ).

What I am looking to do is to be able to use my two NAS drives - but they just don't show up in Dolphin when I look under network.

Has anyone got a good "non techie" guide to such things please?

I think that may be a little hard as the solution really requires a rather involved process.

The best way to solve this problem on KDE is to mount your shares.








KDE use kio
Check, please