[KDE] [DRAGONIZED] [Dual Boot] Unable to boot to Garuda after Window made an auto update

Today I logged in to my Windows 10 and when I completed my work it automatically updated in background and there was only option for Update and Shutdown/Restart so I selected Update and Shutdown. Now when I turn on the laptop it directly boot into Windows instead of asking me about my choice whether I boot into Linux or Windows.

When I press esc while booting and Select Garuda then it again open same page again.
There are 4 options there Windows, UEFI, Garuda, Enter Setup (BIOS) but when I select it Garuda it opens the same page again.

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Well that happened because you have Windows installed. If you don't want that kind of thing to happen anymore then I'd highly recommend not installing Windows. You can probably repair your boot loader, but Windows may very well break it again in the future.

Sorry, but most of us involved with the project don't run Windows so most of us are way out of practice repairing Windows boot shenanigans.


I barely boot into Windows but I can't delete it completely because of some reasons. Can booting into live boot using bootable usb pendrive and updating grub configurations from terminal help me?


Yes, restoring GRUB is generally the fix for a missing GRUB.


Sounds like to me you need to go into your Bios and choose your Linux distro as your first boot order, then let Grub Boot loader handle your choosing between booting with windows or linux. Grub will do this you each time you boot. But you have to set your bios up to choose grub first.

EDIT....ok never mind I see what you're saying, you lost the partion?

Thanks I will try this next time if I get into the same problem again (as windows always gonna interrupt in future AM DAMN SURE).

I lost the entry and BIOS was unable to boot me into linux even if I select Garuda to boot (maybe btrfs filesystem casued that?)

I reinstalled Linux to boot into it again :frowning: