KDE Dolphin Popup (Tooltip) On Hover (HOW TO TURN OFF)

Hello. For the life of me I cannot find any solution online to turn off info popups when mouse cursor is hovering over a file or folder in a Dolphin file manager window. I can't screen shot it because that requires removing my mouse. I can just hit F11 and the same exact info box appears on the right of the dolphin window. However, when hovering, the popup covers the next several files/folders.

I've been looking for days to no avail, and would appreciate any help on the issue. Thanks in advance.

Hamburger Menu->Configure->Configure Dolphin->General->Behavior

Uncheck "Show tooltips"


Thanks so much. That was not exactly a clear title for that particular behavior. :ok_hand:

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Really, your headline pasted into Whoogle and already the first link contains the solution and many more follow.

@filo same.


Actually, I added Tooltip to the title after solution. :wink:
Maybe without it was different... :blush:

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Lol. Next time, I'll use my creative title as my final search before posting. Also, was searching DDG, and will have to try Whoogle more in the future. Thanks.

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